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About Us

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Lori Stephens

Founder/Executive Director

From our Executive Director

In this day and age when we see more marches for various principles, more protests for various injustices, more people speaking out and advocating for what they believe in or just bringing awareness to a worthy cause, it's extremely important that our girls have a voice.  It's crucial that our girls know and understand at a young g age their own values first, and learn to stand firm on this values. The more we instill positive values in our girls, the stronger they will become, and the higher their self-esteem will be.  This firm foundation will give them the confidence to not only speak up for themselves but to develop a voice to speak and stand up for others.  The old adage, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything" speaks to the strength of an individual knowing who they are first.

We must purpose ourselves to raise strong, confident girls and young women 

who will have the strength and courage to say, "No" to prevent them from having to say, "Me Too"; yet empowering them to say, "No More".  Being heard does not mean being the loudest in the room; and standing up for something does not mean you have to be the tallest in the crowd.  Everyone has a voice and can take a stand for something!  What have you decided to speak out and stand up for? 

Board of Directors, Staff & Advisory Board

GfG is blessed to have so many dedicated and committed women investing their time and energy into the lives of young girls. A heartfelt THANK YOU! to all our mentors, supporters, friends and a special shout-out to our Executive Board, Staff and Advisory Board members. We could not do this without you!  Click on the links below to view our current Executive and Advisory Board members, Staff, Funders and Supporters. 

Our Mission


The mission of GfG is to mentor young girls, nurture future leaders, and foster positive relationships that will develop essential assets to help prepare her for her destiny of success.

Our Vision


"Mentoring young girls into confident young women." We will do this by developing essential assets that will assist the girls in identifying their own self-worth and becoming their own advocates. We will support them as they learn and make informed decisions about their future. With a focus on the Eight Essential Assets, we will accomplish our mission and vision by providing one-to-one and group mentoring; bi-monthly structured, standards based, hands-on activities and workshops; leadership development, STEAM careers exploration, financial literacy, and guidance with community service projects.

Additionally, we will provide on-going workshops and training for our mentors, parents, and caregivers. Partnerships with community based and other support organizations will be established to enhance the resources available to our girls. Annual criterion referenced awards and citations will be granted to program participants as one of our incentives.

Who is GfG as an organization?

GfG is an organization that engages young girls and strategically mentors them to focus on becoming the best version of themselves today and in the future. GfG focuses on assets, or personal qualities, that strengthen positive development, such as personal identity, communication skills, and decision making.

Why should parents or guardians be interested in GfG?

GfG offers you a unique insight into the minds of your girls while we stand beside you and provide additional support for the life success of future generations. Girls who are mentored are 27% less likely to begin using alcohol, 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs, and 59% less likely to drop out of school.

How is GfG part of the solution?

Because we know God has an outstanding destiny for each girl, we believe no girl should feel dis-empowered. GfG mentors young girls into confident women. We allow them to explore and express who they are and who God has created them to be. We help them believe in their destiny and teach them how to intelligently and skillfully accomplish their goals.

How does mentoring begin?

Tell a young girl that she is strong, intelligent, beautiful, creative and important, and that she can make a difference.


Our History


As President and founder of G.O.O.D. for Girls, I am happy to share with you our story.  GfG was birthed out of Union Baptist church in 2009. God used Rev. Dr. Verlin D. Williams to plant a seed with the idea to start a mentoring program for young girls. Rev. Williams prayerfully entrusted me with the idea to create a vision for this program. After much prayer, I was inspired by Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord; plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and hope.” From this scripture came the name and vision of G.O.O.D. for Girls which is an acronym for God’s Outstanding Optimistic Destiny for Girls (GfG).

Since I believe that 'no man/woman is an island and no man/woman stands alone', I knew that in order for the vision to come to fruition, there had to be a team of like-minded, kindred spirited women to make this revelation a reality.  Eight gifted women shared in the vision and offered their expertise, wisdom and resources to lift GfG off the ground. We have purposed ourselves to helping them reach their destiny of success with the least amount of detours.  

The purpose of GfG is to guide tweens and teens into young adulthood by developing essential assets within them. The more positive assets developed, the greater likelihood they will choose productive paths toward their future. To help fulfill the mission of GfG, each girl is matched with an exceptional, inspiring and committed woman who will form a lasting and meaningful mentoring relationship. GfG also offers workshops, engaging activities, opportunities for self growth, empowerment exercises, as well as fun and exciting field trips.

GfG held it's first official activity session in May of 2010.  We are honored that some of our starting mentors are still with us mentoring and/or supporting our girls and the efforts of GfG. We are grateful to all the women and men who have intentionally made time for such a worthy cause - "mentoring young girls into confident young women!"  Lori Stephens, Founder/Executive Director


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A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.  A mentor is someone who allows you to see the higher part of yourself when sometimes it is hidden to your own view."

                                                           Oprah Winfrey

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