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God's Outstanding Optimistic Destiny

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Who Are We? G.O.O.D for Girls (GfG) is a non-profit community-based asset/leadership development and mentoring organization for girls ages 9-18.  The program, G-DEP (Growth - Development, Education & Preparedness) provides quality, long-term one-to-one mentoring and group mentoring while following a standards based curriculum to help develop essential assets that prepare young girls for their destiny of success. The G-DEP program also introduces and exposes girls to a variety of STEAM, financial literacy, leadership, college and career exploration activities.  Our mission is to accelerate the personal growth and development of girls through guidance, advice, mentoring and feedback. 

Why the Need?  

Girls are the rising backbone of the world and we must teach and encourage them to unapologetically take their place in it. At GfG, we are empowering young girls to break the glass ceiling and become major game changers in school, at work, and in life. With your support, we are mentoring young girls into confident young women!

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Photo Gallery


The mentors and the GfG organization join forces and build the character of our girls while developing strong assets that will equip them with the  necessary confidence and knowledge to overcome any obstacles or challenges they may confront.

2023 Trip to NMAAHC

A History lesson at the NMAAHC: Sitting at the Counter - The Fight for Equal Rights

Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 11.15.52 PM.png

Group Mentor, Ms Sarah, guided her girls as they produced their first  winter newsletter. 


Ms Sharon and her mentee, Olivia at the NY International Children's Film Festival.  It was first for both and they enjoyed it!

Asset Development

The application process for girls ages 9 - 17 who reside in the Westchester County and surrounding areas is ongoing. After completion, girls are accepted into G-DEP and engage in activities and events based on the specific program track for their age group.  The curriculum of GfG is designed to follow each girl through high school graduation and/or through age 18. GfG has designed a standards-based curriculum that helps develop internal and external assets to assist girls in identifying their own self-worth, becoming advocates for self and others, and empowers them to reach their goals. At the core of what we do are Eight Developmental Assets and their 40 subsets designed from Search Institutes evidenced based 40 Developmental Assets Framework. They are: Positive IdentityPositive Values,  Constructive Use of Time, Boundaries/Expectations, Social Competencies, Commitment to Learning and Empowerment. 

GfG Mentoring Program

This component of GfG matches trained volunteer Mentors with a young girl in the program, creating the experience of a long-term nurturing relationship while the two work together on enhancing and further developing essential assets. This includes being a life-coach to guide them through the tween years, teen years and beyond.  


Group mentoring allows for small groups of 2-5 girls to focus in on a specific area of interest. The groups meet for a minimum of three sessions.  Meetings are held once per week or as directed by the Group Mentor.  Each of these mentoring formats will prove to be beneficial in helping girls navigate through some of life's challenges and obstacles. Ongoing, in-house training is mandatory for all of our Mentors to provide empowerment and resources to keep the mentoring relationship fresh and effective.


Growth - Development, Education & Preparedness

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MAPP - My Achievable Professional Path


This component of the program gives our girls incentives to achieve academic excellence, exercise their creativity, think outside the box, and reach their fullest potential. Awards include the GfG College Scholarship and awards for Academic Improvement and Excellence, Leadership,  Entrepreneur,  Community Service and Raising the BAR (Behavior, Academics, Responsibility).

FIT - Financially Intelligent Teens

The wealth of information gained during these sessions will sharpen the skills of our girls in money management, consumerism and financial planning. The program will help the girls manage their money and resources more wisely. GfG offers a comprehensive experience that includes banking basics, cash control, making money, consumer awareness, financing for your future and the Stock Market Challenge.

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Inspired By ~Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord; plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

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