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Highlighted Events

Our GfG Girls Leadership Conference - Born to Lead, Born to Succeed! - was a great success! The aspiring young leaders who participated were able to take advantage of the professional expertise provided by phenomenal facilitators: Pamela Bodley, author of the best selling book, Interview Strategies for Teens; Juliana Feliciano, Team Lead/Manager, Digital Marketing/Communications and Media Specialist; and Sharlene Provilus, CEO of Write. Speak. Inspire.,LLC. Session theme points included core values and decision making and provided opportunities for the girls to apply a variety of strategies around team building, networking, interviewing, and informed decision making. 


The venue, the Edith Macy Conference Center in Briarcliff, was fantastic! We began the day with a scrumptious hot breakfast to help get the brain going. We had a wonderful hot lunch, and of course there were plenty of snacks during our scheduled breaks. Everything was nut free and there was a vegan option. 

The feedback was amazing! When asked to share experiences about the workshops that was most helpful, comments included: "It helped me improve mu communications skills and set my goals."; Being able to communicate with girls I've never met before."; " It helped to build my confidence."; "I felt empowered."; The feedback for engaging your

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audience was very helpful."; "Getting to work with other people and seeing their qualities helped me to see what a good leader looks like."  Ninety percent of the girls said they would recommend the conference to their friends and they will definitely return next year. GfG will continue to provide various opportunities for girls to ensure they are exposed to the programs and services that will be beneficial to them. So be on the lookout and mark your calendars when information comes your way!

Roth IRA, 529 College Fund, Scholarship opportunities - this is just a taste of the information presented by Mr. Mark Stephens at the recent College Financial Aid Seminar held last month. The goal is to have every family take advantage of the many opportunities for their child to graduate college debt free. Mr. Stephens stressed the importance of early planning and including your high schoolers as active participants in post high school education discussions so they can make informed decisions about available finances. The money is out there, you just have to know where to look and implement the strategies he provided for being the recipients. 

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GfG Virtual Career Expo for Girls  

led by Visionary Women -

Learning, Leading, Lifting!


Did you know there are over 12,000 careers?  They fall into different sectors.  Can you name them? With all those career choices, women are still underrepresented in far too many of them!  Based on 2021 data from Career Explorer, only 18% of women are aerospace engineers; and of the software developers, only 22% are women. 

The Amazing women that presented at the GfG Career Expo on April 16th are seeking to help change those numbers. They let the participants know that by having a vision for your future and working smart toward your goals, you can break the mold and be what you want - engineer, architect, surgeon, carpenter, lawyer, clergy, law enforcement, producer, cyber security  -  the sky is no l longer the limit! The girls walked away inspired and are resolving to find their passion, go for the career choices that have previously been off limits - or create their own!  

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Career Summit for Girls - Led by Visionary Women 

Learning, Leading, Lifting! 



In celebration of International Women's Month, we hosted a Virtual Career Summit for Girls led by Visionary Women – Learning, Leading, Lifting! 2020 was a difficult year, but our collective resilience and resolve to be better and continue to look ahead to a brighter future is helping us all to keep our eyes on the prize.


We were thrilled to have a group of Visionary Women investing in the future of girls by speaking at G.O.O.D. for Girls, Inc.'s Virtual Career Summit for Girls! Their enthusiastic energy, hard work, and passion for their careers, as well as their honesty about the journey they took while moving towards their vision, helped to inspire the participants to tap into their own passions. They were able to see that incorporating suggested strategies into their visions for the future will help them find a career that represents their unique interests and capabilities. 


     COVID-19 Webinar       

 May 21, 2020

Knowledge is Power! GfG hosted a COVID-19 Panel Discussion on Thursday, May 21, 2020.  We recognize the impact COVID-19 is having on our society - especially amongst our youth and Black and Brown communities. Led by some of our communities own outstanding women, A’Isha Harper, MPH, RN; Dr. Traci Gardner, MD; Dr. Paige Long Sharps, MD, FACOG and Jeanine Primm Jones, LMSW provided much needed information, answered our questions and gave us tools to be proactive in our own self-care and for the care of others. Click on the flyer to view the webinar.  


Please continue to stay safe, stay healthy and let's all be grateful for each other and embrace the hope of a new day!

GfG Youth  Leadership Conference for Girls - Born to Lead, Born to Succeed!

Young ladies from in and around Westchester County and the Bronx participated in learning sessions facilitated by visionary women who are leaders in their fields. With a focus on the qualities and characteristics of effective leaders, each of these  women provided insight into an area or skill exhibited by great leaders.  The activities provided were intense and inter-active. 

Held at Pace University's Pleasantville Campus, this event was opened by Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins. She talked about her journey, the importance of never giving up, and having A Vision for Your Future.  Each of the visionary women who followed over the course of the three days were magnificent!

Included was Shannon Alomar, Ms Black New York, who focused on Overcoming Your Fears. 

Student Visual Artist, Maya Cole engaged the girls in an activity around Perseverance.    Dara Pinkston-Scott, Sales Director at Mary Kaye, did a role play on Developing Trust. 


Gloria Cunningham, Founder & CEO of The Ambitious Soul had the girls doing deep breathing exercises and focused on Mindfulness. Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Deborah Matthews shared her experiences and encouraged the girls to continuing Pursuing Your Passion. Alexa Pozniak, Coordinating Producer at CNBC, honed in on Effective Communication Strategies and how to unapologetically get your point across.  


Our moderator, Yvette Miller, Founder of Untethered, LLC, provided additional insights and ensured that everything flowed as the girls made connections from one workshop to the next. 

Why this event?  Our young people have so much to offer! Their perspectives need to be heard and ideas about impactful change should be supported. Educator Charlette Finch guided the girls through a SMART Goals session as they designed their individual leadership projects - to be completed by March 2020.

Projects they are considering are include Gun Violence Awareness, Health & Wellness, Animal Shelters, Working with Special Needs Children, Domestic Violence, Gardening, Co-ed Sports, Mental Illness, Teen Mentoring, and Increasing Happiness. 

GfG Staff will continue to provide support as the girls complete their projects.  Stay tuned for greatness from our young girls who are Born to Lead, Born to Succeed! 

Career Fair & Expo for Girls: Visionary Women - Learning, Leading, Lifting!

On Saturday, March 16, 2019 G.O.O.D. for Girls, Inc. and WiCys (Women in Cyber Security) sponsored a Career Fair and Expo for Girls: Visionary Women - Learning, Leading, Lifting!  Featuring women in under-represented careers, this community event brought together girls and women and provided career options that some had never heard of or thought about. Moderated by Tiffany Hamilton, Chief Diversity Officer for Westchester Community College, the event was a huge success with over 200 girls, mentors and community members in attendance. Represented fields included engineers, photography, law enforcement, health professions, real estate, building trades, digital arts, robotics, dentistry, education, veterinary science... 


  Living History!

On January 9, 2019, GfG mentees were excited to be able to witness live, the swearing in of Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins as the first woman and first African American woman to lead a majority conference in the state Legislature. Effective January 1, 2019, she became the Majority Leader/President of the New York State Senate. This was a momentous occasion for all! Senator Stewart-Cousins is a role model for intelligence and integrity and is an inspiration to so many young girls.


Thank You Senator Stewart-Cousins!

Applying Our Skills

The girls practiced their speaking and leadership skills as they shared information about GfG, Inc. to potential mentors, mentees and supporters at The Greenburgh Taste-Off.  They were guests at NYPA to shadow women in under-represented fields and they collected and prepared a clothing donation for Westhab!  They were AWESOME!

Exposure is Key

 A variety of experiences allow girls to envision possibilities and prepare for their destiny of success.  Trips, workshops, community service and other special events help them to think out of the box and see themselves in careers that may not even exist yet! The life style of the Jetsons' cartoon for future generations is more than a reality - it's happening now - smart phones, watches and tv's, autonomous cars, Alexa, drones...


What we've been talking about...


  • Who Am I?

  • Describe success.

  • If I could, I would...

  • Building strong and healthy relationships.

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